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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Sherlock: Come Back Soon
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
I was rewatching A Study In Pink yesterday and I just wanted to say, "Sherlock I miss you, come back soon!".

Sherlock and Benedict: Dark and moody, just the way I like them!

Photo credit: http://benedictcumberbatch.co.uk/sherlock-promotional-photos/

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Fingers crossed for series two early January and for a third series in the planning! I did read that Martin Freeman's 'Hobbit' contract allowed for two breaks to return to play John Watson, and so far he's only used one of them. Hopefully Benedict won't too busy... :-)

That is an interesting one.

Mark and Steven would be up for many more series and could, and would, I am sure, rise to the challenge.

Benedict, however, I think, feels differently. He does not want to be typecast and associated with just one role. He wants to be known as a serious theatre actor, with a diverse repertoire. He wants to be known for a wide range and a variety of roles. I saw him refuse (eventually) to sign Sherlock memorabilia at the National stage door. The worldwide and global reach of Sherlock I think took him by surprise. I am 90% sure he will quit after this second series and will choose to die at Reichenbach, along with Andrew Scott, which is actually how it was all meant to end anyway!

You are absolutely right. It could all end with the Reichenbach Falls. And the fans will mourn as they did in ACR's day... me included. :-/

Time to get those black armbands out!

Oops. Just seen my typo. ACD's day that should have said! Seriously though, it would be a pity if the second series was to be the last when potentially there is so much more material available – although I understand completely that for all the actors concerned it is not such a big deal as they have a variety of stage, film and other television work going on. :-/

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