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700 Journal Entries for The Umbrella Organisation

PARTY PARTY PARTY - Sherlockian Cocktails all round!

Credit: redscharlach

In terms of celebrating this fact, which image to choose is a no-brainer for me. It is this one:

The four friends from Emperor and Galilean - Agathon, Peter, Julian and Gregory (left to right).

Photo credit: http://www.andrew-scott-online.com/

Three months after it closed, I still miss Emperor and Galilean. I miss it so much that my heart literally aches with the loss of it. My heart broke into tiny fragments the day it closed. There is no play that has spoken to my heart and soul like Emperor and Galilean. Never before, never since, never again.

It has everything to do with my personal circumstances and the personal journey I was on at the time the play was playing at the National. I am still on that journey ... let us see where the road takes me!
Tags: andrew scott, national theatre, umbrella
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