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Eastenders: Branning Week continued

Max and Tanya back together again!

Photo credit: http://www.tvthrong.co.uk/coronation-street/eastenders-tanya-will-have-affair-max

I am REALLY enjoying my return to Albert Square.

I once said Shakespeare has the whole of human existence in his plays - all of life's tapestry, in all its richness and diversity. So does Eastenders.

Last night, Tanya Jessop, played by Jo Joyner, closed the episode with this. She was talking about Cancer and her decision to stop her treatment (radiotherapy and chemotherapy).

"You've gotta fight this. Be brave. You can win. Well, I'm not brave. And I'm not strong. And don't tell me to pull myself together, because there is nothing left to pull. I'm out of fight. I've got no strength left. And I'm the one that's going through this - I'm the one that this is happening to. Not you, not anyone else. So this is my choice."

Jo Joyner spoke this passage with real feeling and emotion. She spoke to my heart.

People can laugh. I sincerely believe that Eastenders is high quality drama, with some of the best writing and acting on British television. It tackles hard-hitting social issues and does not shy away from controversy nor it is afraid of sparking debate and discussion - in fact it positively relishes this! It has done this consistently for over a quarter of a century. Given that they are making four episodes a week, this is a phenomenal achievement. Well done Eastenders!

Roll on Branning Week!

Eastenders is here:

Their news blog is here:
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