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Sally: Discussion Time

I think that Sally is one of the most interesting characters in Sherlock and she is one of my personal favourites. I wish GatMoff would scrap the Adler episode and write a Sally one instead!!! I love the fact that she is a strong black woman, working a professional job, living an independent life, and working her way up the career ladder at the Metropolitan Police Service. Give it up for Sally!!!

And, let's discuss Sally!!!

I will state my position upfront, loud and proud. I am firmly in the camp that thinks that there is a backstory between Sherlock and Sally.

Their first interaction when Sherlock arrives at the crime scene is very telling.

I think that either:
a) Sally had a big crush on Sherlock (what woman wouldn’t, let’s be honest) and he was indifferent or more likely rejected her in his haughty manner or
b) they had a brief relationship where Sally invested more than Sherlock and it ended with Sherlock ending the relationship.

After all, how can someone as intelligent as Sally resent/hate Sherlock so much unless there has been something between them in the past? Sally SO acts like a spurned lover - hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this is most definitely the case with Sergeant Sally Donovan!!!

What reinforces this idea for me is Sherlock describing Sally as an “old friend” in a very sarcastic manner and his pointed – and very ungentlemanly - remarks to her about spending the night at Andersons.

So what do people think?
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