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Kali Theatre Company

Photo credit: http://www.kalitheatre.co.uk/whats-on/talkback2011.html

With a BIG thank you to Operation Black Vote for bringing this to my attention.

Cut and pasted from the Kali Theatre Company website:

Kali Theatre was founded in 1990 to encourage, support and promote new theatre writing by women from a South Asian background. Kali is the UK’s only theatre company dedicated to championing women writers from a South Asian background. They seek out original writers who challenge perceptions. They focus on content and ideas as much as on style to present memorable theatre based on challenging and innovative ideas.

Talkback 2011.
21-26 November 2011.

Now an annual event, Talkback is the culmination of Kali’s Writer Development Programme, a year long series of workshops and dramaturgy for new and emerging writers.

Seven selected plays will be presented over five nights in an ambitious week of rich and diverse plays for tomorrow by some of the freshest and most original voices in new theatre writing.

Follow the link for more details:

Read the Operation Black Vote feature on the Kali Theatre Company here:

I am going to this:

Awakening by Sharon Raizada. Directed by Janet Steel. Monday 21 November 8pm.

How English are you? As the English Defence League march against Muslims in Luton, brave Sikh girl Sonia is secretly filming in their HQ. Her black boyfriend is trying to stop her. The EDL leader enjoys the attention but his lieutenant suspects Sonia’s motives. When his brother arrives on a burning mission for Christ, a potent mixture of rage, race and religion threatens to explode.
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