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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

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Eastenders: Branning Week
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

Photo credit: http://eastenders-soaps.blogspot.com/2010_06_01_archive.html

Eastenders is another programme that I have been wanting to talk about for a LONG time. I have never watched a single episode of Coronation Street and have no intention of ever doing so but I have watched well over 75-80% of Eastenders episodes over the 25 years the show has been on the air. I love Eastenders, Albert Square and the Queen Vic!

That said, for the best part of a year, I have been away (absent without leave) from Albert Square, due to theatre, film and religious commitments. It is about time I returned to Albert Square and what better time to do so than Branning Week?

Max Branning, who is played by Jake Wood, is one of my favourite characters and this week Max is returning to the Square (like me!). If you want a quick guide to Max Branning it is here:

Cut and pasted from the Eastenders website:
Max's roving eye (particularly for Stacey Slater) has landed him in trouble time and again, but he never learns. His smooth talking wore thin with wife Tanya – so much so that she buried him alive. You can’t keep a good man six feet under though, and after a brief exile, Max waltzed back to Walford - only to find Tanya giving his sexy sibling Jack a bit of brotherly love. Tanya saw the light, divorced naughty Max, and married his polar opposite – nice Greg. Even though Max’s charming ways and classic one liners are a hit with the ladies, it’s Tanya, the muvver of his children that he wants to grow old with in Chez Branning. Will he ever manage to get her back? Max is the king of wriggling out of trouble, and always seems to get his own way – you can’t keep a good (ish) man down!

I obviously LOVE Max because he is a complete charmer and an incorrigible womaniser - which is actually just the way I like my men!

Eastenders is here:

Their news blog is here:

I am inviting everyone I know to join me in Albert Square at the Queen Vic so we can all enjoy Branning week together. Come on down - you KNOW you want to!
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I used to watch both Corrie and Eastenders back in the days when soaps were less sensational and much more humorous. Now I find nothing interesting about the depressing story-lines in either programme. However I daren't put my declared stance of disinterest to the test as I know just how addictive soaps can be! So I hope that you enjoy your return to Albert Square this week, but like a recovering alcoholic I mustn't watch even a single episode in case I become re-hooked! :-))

Firstly, welcome back! I was just about to email you to see if you were OK as I hadn't heard from you in ages. Several of my regulars have been off the radar in the past couple of weeks - everyone is OK, they are all just busy with their real lives. But I am a worrier!

I guess I have a slightly different view. I love Eastenders because it is urban and gritty and covers hard-hitting social issues in a way that maybe other soaps would not. In the 25 years it has been on, it has pretty much covered every social issue going, which is what I love about it. I am not looking for humour in my soaps - I am looking for DRAMA and, as you know, Eastenders has bags and bags of that!

You are 100% right about soaps, and in particular Eastenders, being an addiction. However, unlike you, I am hoping to get re-hooked and I am looking to feed my addiction! I miss my regular "fix"!

OK. You wanted humour and light relief. I have returned to the Square. I have two words for you. Alfie Moon. I rest my case!

The only one who might have brought me back into the Eastenders fold of late would have been David Essex as Eddie Moon. But seeing as I resisted even him with his beautiful twinkling eyes, there's nothing or no-one else short of Jude Law joining the cast that could tempt me now. ;-) But I wish you many hours, and possibly omnibus hours, of happy viewing. :-)))

I tried!

It can't be the omnibus - the only way I can keep up is to watch single episodes as they are screened.

Jude Law will NEVER appear on Eastenders. But I tell you who just might one day be tempted into a short cameo appearance - Benedict! And then you will just HAVE to watch!

Okay, I admit I wouldn't resist watching if Benedict did a cameo role... but I'd have to wean myself off again immediately! :-))

No worries. I was away most of last week – grabbed the chance at short notice to drive up north to see family. You'll be pleased to hear that my brother-in-law is doing well post op, and whilst he will obviously be monitored closely for several years, currently does not require any further treatment.

Going to Birmingham with my son middle of this week for his first uni interview. A first for me too as I have never been to Birmingham before for any reason other than to change trains at New Street station! I need to see where my boy might end up for the next four years. Next week it's Sheffield for similar reasons. :-)

I have to remain absolutely resolute regarding zero soaps. Being addicted to Strictly is enough! For drama, right now I'm watching The Killing – a new series with the intense, award winning Danish detective. Since I watch Merlin too for laughs, I currently spend entire Saturday evenings square-eyed in front of the telly. It's a bit not good. :-))

I am really pleased to hear about your brother-in-law. That made me happy.

You can ask me re Birmingham - it is my home town, I grew up there, and my parents, my sister and her family are still there.

Fair enough re soaps.

The Killing looked really interesting and I wanted to see it but, like you, I am massively overcommitted so I had to give it a miss!

Saturday nights are meant to be spent in front of the telly - I wish I could do that more!

If Birmingham uni turns out to be the one, I shall certainly be picking your brains regarding the city and its environs. :-)

The Killing is a killer to watch – two hour long episodes back to back. Not sure yet if this second series will be a compelling as the first one was, but I love the fact that, thanks mostly to the success of Wallander, at last we are getting quality original programmes from overseas. If we had more programmes like this from Europe and beyond, we Brits wouldn't be so useless at other languages. Watching foreign programmes undubbed with subtitles. one starts to get an ear for the sound of the speech and pick up a few words without even trying. Jumping on this bandwagaon, we have also benefitted recently from a French detective series, Spiral, and some Italian Inspector Montalbano. This can only be a good thing and long may it continue. :-)

Bloody hell - all these shows you are talking about sound AMAZING. I know you don't really have the time, but if you ever feel inspired to write about them please post your writing/reviews/thoughts onto here. I would love to hear more about all these shows, especially The Killing. And I don't care if it is not a review just a personal reaction. That is actually what people want to read - how something made you feel and what thoughts and feelings it prompted in you. As you know, I post personal reactions all the time!

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