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Eastenders: Branning Week

Photo credit: http://eastenders-soaps.blogspot.com/2010_06_01_archive.html

Eastenders is another programme that I have been wanting to talk about for a LONG time. I have never watched a single episode of Coronation Street and have no intention of ever doing so but I have watched well over 75-80% of Eastenders episodes over the 25 years the show has been on the air. I love Eastenders, Albert Square and the Queen Vic!

That said, for the best part of a year, I have been away (absent without leave) from Albert Square, due to theatre, film and religious commitments. It is about time I returned to Albert Square and what better time to do so than Branning Week?

Max Branning, who is played by Jake Wood, is one of my favourite characters and this week Max is returning to the Square (like me!). If you want a quick guide to Max Branning it is here:

Cut and pasted from the Eastenders website:
Max's roving eye (particularly for Stacey Slater) has landed him in trouble time and again, but he never learns. His smooth talking wore thin with wife Tanya – so much so that she buried him alive. You can’t keep a good man six feet under though, and after a brief exile, Max waltzed back to Walford - only to find Tanya giving his sexy sibling Jack a bit of brotherly love. Tanya saw the light, divorced naughty Max, and married his polar opposite – nice Greg. Even though Max’s charming ways and classic one liners are a hit with the ladies, it’s Tanya, the muvver of his children that he wants to grow old with in Chez Branning. Will he ever manage to get her back? Max is the king of wriggling out of trouble, and always seems to get his own way – you can’t keep a good (ish) man down!

I obviously LOVE Max because he is a complete charmer and an incorrigible womaniser - which is actually just the way I like my men!

Eastenders is here:

Their news blog is here:

I am inviting everyone I know to join me in Albert Square at the Queen Vic so we can all enjoy Branning week together. Come on down - you KNOW you want to!
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