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Sherlock Holmes stories free on audiobook CD in The Telegraph

Picture credit: http://www.astudyinsherlock.net/cat/graphics/story-illustrations/

With thanks to Roger Johnson, the Editor of The Sherlock Holmes Journal, for alerting me to this:

Collect seven free Sherlock Holmes audiobook CDs, written by Arthur Conan Doyle and read by Derek Jacobi, with The Telegraph November 19 - 25.

Free inside Saturday's paper, November 19, investigate the disappearance of the champion racehorse, Silver Blaze.
Free inside The Telegraph on Sunday, November 20, discover the true nature of The Red-Headed League.
Followed by another five free audiobook CDs of the most popular Sherlock Holmes stories – available each day with The Telegraph.

Weekday CDs are available from WHSmith High Street locations and other participating stores, subject to availability. Running time: Average 75mins, one story per disc.

Saturday November 19th - CD ONE - Silver Blaze
Sunday November 20th - CD TWO - The Red-Headed League
Monday November 21st - CD THREE - The Adventure of the Speckled Band
Tuesday November 22nd - CD FOUR - A Case of Identity
Wednesday November 23rd - CD FIVE - The Five Orange Pips
Thursday November 24th - CD SIX - The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor
Friday November 25th - CD SEVEN - The Final Problem
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