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13 Platform, Monday 14 November 6pm, Olivier

Photo credit: http://www.ntposters.org.uk/image/744383/13

Mike Bartlett (Playwright) and Thea Sharrock (Director) discuss their new production at a Platform on Monday 14 November at the Olivier, National Theatre.

Book tickets here:

The reviews for this have been decidedly mixed. I personally love the production and would recommend it on the basis that it makes you think and gives you plenty to think about. However, I fully acknowledge that it feels more like a work in progress rather than a finished piece. It will therefore be interesting to see how it evolves over the course of its run.

Information about 13, cut and pasted from the National's website:

Across London, people wake up from an identical, terrifying dream. At the same moment, a young man named John returns home after years away to find economic gloom, ineffective protest, and a Prime Minister about to declare war. But John has a vision for the future and a way to make it happen.

Coincidences, omens and visions collide with political reality in this epic new play from the writer of Earthquakes in London. Set in a dark and magical landscape, it depicts a London both familiar and strange, a London staring into the void. In a year which has seen governments fall as the people take to the streets, 13 explores the meaning of personal responsibility, the hold that the past has over the future and the nature of belief itself.

For further details about the production and to book tickets, follow the link:
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