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Blood Brothers, starring Marti Pellow, Phoenix Theatre

Photo credit: http://pellowpower.webs.com/archives.htm

This is not too embarrassing as I have already confessed that Wet Wet Wet are one of my top three bands of all time. They are amazing live, and very giving of their time on stage. Like James, they are brilliant musicians, and also like James, they have a very charismatic lead singer who sings like an angel - his name is Marti Pellow.

Marti Pellow is also a God when it comes to musical theatre (I confess I am a tad biased!). Marti is now appearing in Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre from now until the end of January (at the very least). I have decided that this will be my birthday treat to myself!

Cut and pasted from the Phoenix Theatre website:

Blood Brothers is a musical by British dramatist Willy Russell, who also wrote plays Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine. First seen on stage in 1983, Blood Brothers is one of the longest running musicals ever in the West End and has developed a cult following. It is now in its 21st year.

Blood Brothers is an emotional and gripping tale of twin brothers from Liverpool, separated at birth by a mother who is desperate to survive in financial difficulty and cannot afford to keep both. The brothers are subsequently brought up in two different worlds, and their mother’s attempts at keeping them from discovering each other lead to tragic consequences as the brothers’ destinies lead them to each other.

I myself have never actually seen Blood Brothers - this is the perfect excuse to FINALLY do so!

More details here:

Photo credit: http://www.cheaptheatretickets.com/the-drama-of-celebrity-casting/?print=1
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