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Wuthering Heights in cinemas tomorrow (11 November)

Photo credit: http://www.heyuguys.co.uk/2011/10/05/new-uk-poster-for-wuthering-heights/

The new version of Wuthering Heights is out on general release, in cinemas across the UK, tomorrow (11 November). It was screened as part of the London Film Festival, where it was billed as Andrea Arnold's radical and beautifully filmed adaptation of this classic tale of obsessive love. It is here:

The key difference between this and other versions of Wuthering Heights, is that they have made Heathcliff in this version Black. Having a Black Heathcliff obviously heightens Heathcliff's alieness and his otherness, raising it to a new level and, given what was going on in the slave trade at the time, Heathcliff's treatment really spoke to me powerfully and resonated with me in a way it had not done previously. Two actors play Heathcliff and two actors play Cathy and both sets of actors really conveyed the passion between Heathcliff and Cathy, their deep and undying love for eachother, and the searing pain, grief and torment their love for eachother brought them.

In a nutshell, this film blew me away. It is a masterclass in how you can take a well-worn classic that has had countless adaptations, add in a new and unusual twist, and yet still remain true to the heart, spirit and the soul of the novel and the source material (Sherlock anyone?!). Highly highly highly recommended.

My feature and my review of Wuthering Heights is here:
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