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London Evening Standard Theatre Awards shortlist revealed

Photo credit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturepicturegalleries/8343655/Frankenstein-in-pictures.html

The Evening Standard has now revealed the shortlisted contenders for the 57th Evening Standard Theatre Awards, in association with Vogue.

I am backing:

Best Actor
Benedict Cumberbatch - Frankenstein, National's Olivier
This is obvious and a no-brainer. For me personally, one actor was streets ahead of the other in both roles in this production. That actor was Benedict Cumberbatch - Jonny played the Creature as a child in a man's body (an infant), Benedict played the Creature as an adult who had had his brains blown out and was relearning everything from scratch. I much prefered Benedict's interpretation - it was a much more intelligent reading of the playscript.

Best Play
One Man, Two Guvnors, Richard Bean (National's Lyttelton)

Ned Sherrin Award For Best Musical
London Road, National's Cottesloe
No contest in this category. The award just HAS to go to London Road!

Best Director
How in God's name did Nick Hytner not make the cut? Travesty!

The winners will be announced at a ceremony at the Savoy Hotel on November 20.

Follow the link to view the full list of nominees and to read the full story:
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