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Collaborators, National Theatre

Photo credit: http://www.guardian.co.uk/stage/2011/nov/02/collaborators-review

The reviews are in! As expected they are very good. Here are the key ones from broadsheets and papers whose theatre coverage I trust:

The Telegraph:
John Hodge’s gripping, disturbing and often blackly comic drama attempts to get inside Mikhail Bulgakov’s head - 4 stars

Evening Standard
A striking vision of artistic compromise, personal sacrifice and political brutality, rendered in what is often a somewhat Blackadderish style. And Nicholas Hytner's agile production is illuminated by fine performances from two of the NT's stalwarts, Alex Jennings and Simon Russell Beale - 4 stars

The Guardian
John Hodge is an honest man. He admits his new play about the relationship between Josef Stalin and the writer Mikhail Bulgakov derives from a film which was never made. But, while the result has a quirky vitality and yields two outstanding performances, its satire does not strike its intended target - 3 stars

I look forward to writing my own review in due course.

For more information about Collaborators follow the link to my previous feature:
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