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Dramatic Need: Bringing the Creative Arts to Underprivileged Children

I wanted to get behind Danny and Benedict and Jonny and back what they are doing re Big Society and social responsibility. So here goes.

Frankenstein exclusive late night Q&A in aid of Dramatic Need, Wednesday 20 April 10pm, Olivier, National Theatre.

Join us for a spooky Late Night Q&A session for Frankenstein at the Royal National Theatre with Oscar-winning Director Danny Boyle and star actors Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch discussing the revolutionary interpretation of the Shelley novel. This is the only time that the three will be discussing the project together and to make this event even more MUST SEE, every penny of ticket sales go to Dramatic Need. All tickets to the Q&A are only £10 and include a special surprise! (I am intrigued by this!).

What does Dramatic Need do?

Dramatic Need is a UK-based charity that sends international and local volunteers in the creative arts (such as actors, artists and musicians) to South Africa and Rwanda to host workshops with children living in underprivileged rural communities. Volunteers are billeted within the local community and will usually workshop at two to three different schools during their stay.

Dramatic Need currently has links with 19 schools in South Africa and Rwanda, reaching almost 5,000 school-aged children in some of the most impoverished and isolated parts of rural Southern Africa.

The Dramatic Need programme is very much a cultural exchange, with volunteers learning as much as the children they are working with as the children learn from the volunteers. We are not 'importing' theatre, music and art to South Africa, but simply enabling children who may have very little in life, to utilise and take ownership of their own talents and abilities. In doing so, volunteers will be helping to foster the children's self-confidence and ability to express their emotions in a positive way. Many of these children are familiar with the expression of emotion through violence, be it sexual, domestic, ethnic or gang-related aggression. The provision of a means of self-expression or an outlet for frustration that is non-violent and creative is one of Dramatic Need’s major aims.

Danny Boyle is a Trustee of Dramatic Need. He says "In these rural and township parts of southern Africa - where tragedy is the rule, not the exception - the essential, humanitarian relevance of the arts is unequivocal."

Dramatic Need is here:

This is a great charity, it is helping children and young people in Africa access the Arts, it is Danny's charity, it is his contribution to Big Society. He is taking time out to give back to communities and societies. I think that is highly commendable and I back him 100%.
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