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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
Very belatedly, it has dawned on me why I now have enough confidence to talk about dance. It is because I have watched every single episode of Strictly from series one episode one onwards! So, this is yet another thing, in a very long line indeed, that I have to thank the BBC for.

In case people believe I am too strongly biased in favour of the male celebrities, today's episode actually inspired me to talk about two female celebrities.

The first is someone, who based on her showing over the last 2 weeks, is actually a very strong contender for the Strictly crown and that is ... Chelsee! She always gives it 100%, and dances giving her heart and soul over to the music. That is what dancing should be about - letting the music take possession of you.

The second female celebrity that I would like to mention is Holly, because Holly and Artem's rendition of Swan Lake was breath-taking and heart-stopping. They brought high concept dance, executed to near perfection, to primetime terrestrial TV. This proves, to me at least, that you do not have to dumb down on a popular entertainment programme, you can take the audience with you to new heights. That is what they did.

However, the standout routine for me tonight was not Holly and Artem, but Harry and Aliona. Len was wrong about their routine and what they put on the stage. Maybe Len wants to see traditional ballroom. I would rather see spectacle, passion, and innovation. Aliona's choreography was genius, the storytelling in the piece was massively powerful and strong, Harry's execution of the concept and the steps was on another level, and the head-twisting gut-wrenching end was ... well ... I am speechless! This would have been a great showdance in the finale it was that good. Len missed the point!

To finish, I love the Halloween show concept. I think they introduced it last year and it just gets stronger and stronger. Their themed evenings eg Halloween, Big Band, Hollywood etc really work for me. Long may they continue.

Follow the link to the official BBC website:
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We're absolutely in synch on this... Harry's dance was the stand out for me too last night. Aliona must be so happy – he's dancing almost as well as the professionals. But he also seems to have some genuine acting talent, and was totally in persona for that entire devastating routine.

In addition to your further comments, I thought that Jason really nailed the Quickstep in the same way as Chelsee did last week, Alex and James were on very good form, and I'd like to put in a mention for Lulu – her entrance and exit via the wire in yesterday's routine were very dramatic and exciting. Good on her! Actually I loved the entire show yesterday evening.

P.S. Surely Nancy and Anton possibly survive again? Seems to me that they do the same dance every time... and it doesn't get any better. :-)))

As you agree with me re Harry and Aliona I can now confidently say that Len was WRONG!

I should have mentioned Lulu - you are absolutely right. I agree that her entrance and exit via the wire was "dramatic and exciting". Artem is of course merely the new Brendan Cole. Brendan has always been one of my favourite professional dancers because he always pushes the boundaries with his choreography and tries innovative things. This is not just about breaking the rules and being a bad boy. I am saying that I always look forward to his routines because he never plays it safe, always comes up with something exciting and new, and he always pushes his celebrities right to the wire. Go Brendan!

As we both wanted, Anton and Nancy exited last night - not before time!

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