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Da Vinci: The Lost Treasure, Sunday 30 October, BBC1, 9pm

To carry on with my blatant and shameless promotion of the BBC, I am going to recommend this programme even through I have not seen it (yet!). I know this clashes with Downton Abbey - forget Downton Abbey!

Photo credit: http://www.lairweb.org.nz/leonardo/mona.html

Cut and pasted from the BBC website:

Leonardo da Vinci is considered by many to be one of the greatest artists who ever lived. Yet his reputation rests on only a handful of pictures - including the world's most famous painting, the Mona Lisa.

As the National Gallery in London prepares to open its doors on a remarkable exhibition of Leonardo's work, Fiona Bruce travels to Florence, Milan, Paris and Warsaw to uncover the story of this enigmatic genius - and to New York, where she is given an exclusive preview of a sensational discovery: a new Leonardo.

Follow the link to the BBC website:
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