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The House Of Silk by Anthony Horowitz: Continued

Thank you to Roger Johnson, the Editor of the Sherlock Holmes Journal, at the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, for this information.

Anthony Horowitz will be making public appearances in various parts of the UK to promote his Sherlock Holmes novel "The House of Silk".

The first event is on 26 October at St Columba's in Pont Street, London, where he will be "in conversation" with Mary Ann Sieghart. On 1 November he will be signing copies at Waterstone's in Piccadilly. He will be in Belfast on 2 November, where he will be conversing with Ian Sansom at the Ulster Museum; Manchester Town Hall on 3 November, with Jenni Murray; St Swithin's in Bath on 4 November; and the British Library on 27 November, with Roger Johnson.

Follow the link for full detals:

To read my feature on "The House of Silk" follow the link:
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