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A very personal statement

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The Union Jack. The Union Jack is my flag. I define myself as Black British and I take great pride in that identity.

My personal statement is not directed at the Coalition Government or its Ministers. It is directed at a very particular line management chain within the Home Office. For the sake of argument, let us call them the three Js.

I am bequeathing this very personal and heartfelt statement to them as my leaving present - what they do with it is up to them.

True leaders welcome and value constructive challenge; they are not afraid of it; it helps them to grow and develop.

True leaders nurture and empower diverse voices; they do not seek to silence them; diversity makes for a rainbow not dull monochrome.

I was born in England, brought up in England, educated in England, and have lived in England all my life; it is my "home" and I am proud to call it so. Freedom of thought, speech and expression is my birthright and my entitlement. It is the foundation and the cornerstone of all Western liberal democracies. Freedom of speech and expression is what Britain stands for (rightly or wrongly) in my eyes.

I have spent the best part of four decades honing and perfecting my written and oral communication skills. Over time, I have developed a resilient personality and a strong and powerful voice. Why would I renounce my birthright? To do so, would mean giving up on everything Britain stands for - I will never do that.

Attempting to silence me and take away my voice only strengthens my resolve. I have always used my voice to speak up and have every intention of continuing to do so. If you think differently, you really do not know me at all!

Best wishes

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