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Marat/Sade, RSC smashes all Box Office records at The Umbrella Organisation

The play that changed British Theatre forever

"Marat Assasinated" by Jacques-Louis David (1793)
Photo credit: http://www.visitstratforduponavon.co.uk/event/marat-sade

How weird is this?

My original Marat/Sade post has garnered the most hits this com has ever had in one day - even beating yvaine24's review of TTSS.

That baffles me. All I did was take the original branding, copy paste what was on the RSC flyer, and say that I loved the production and would write a proper review tomorrow. Why does that generate shedloads of hits? Answers on a postcard please!

This com is founded on the National Theatre, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Sherlock. Marat/Sade and the RSC have nothing to do with any of those things. Also, as I said, all I did was effectively put up a flyer for the production.

Anyway, my full review of Marat/Sade (which is what is worth a read not the flyer!) is now available here:

The original post, which smashed all Box Office records, is here:
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