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Marat/Sade, RSC

The play that changed British Theatre forever

"Marat Assasinated" by Jacques-Louis David (1793)
Photo credit: http://www.visitstratforduponavon.co.uk/event/marat-sade

Just got back from Stratford-upon-Avon, where I had gone to see the RSC's production of Marat/Sade.

The image above is the RSC's old branding for Marat/Sade. I have used it because I actually prefer it to their new branding (which I will run with tomorrow), and because it was also the image that the National Theatre used to promote its production of Marat/Sade in 1997 (I did not see that production).

In case you do not know the play (I did not), this is a summary lifted from the RSC flyer promoting Marat/Sade:

In post revolutionary France the inmates of an asylum present a play about the murder of Jean-Paul Marat under the direction of the notorious Marquis de Sade.

As the director of the asylum and his family sit down expecting to see a patriotic display, they are confronted with a performance that is unruly, shocking and outspoken, as the inmates take it upon themselves to reveal the true cost of the revolution.

The RSC's 1964 production of Peter Weiss's play, to this day, remains one of their most important and acclaimed productions.

FINALLY (for me anyway), the RSC have put a production onto their main stage in their brand new auditorium, in their 50th birthday season, which is worthy of their main stage. I know the production is garnering very mixed reactions but I loved it! I will write about it properly tomorrow.

Marat/Sade runs from 14 October to 5 November at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon.

My full review of Marat/Sade is now available here:
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