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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

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All Souls, Langham Place
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

Photo credit: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2511334

I thought it was long overdue that I posted a photo of a building and a place, filled with people, all of whom have become increasingly important to me over the last 6-7 months - All Souls Church, Langham Place. It is 2 mins from Oxford Circus tube station, right next to Broadcasting House.

My feature on All Souls is here:

I went along for the first time in March and I have not missed a single Sunday since! I went from being a committed atheist to an evangelical Christian in the space of two hours. The Church has added real value and meaning to my life.

The All Souls website is here:

If you want to try the Church out before coming down in person, or if you are not in London, or cannot get to the Church, you can listen to the sermons given at All Souls here:

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Is this church LGBT friendly?

All Souls welcomes everyone.

But is it on the liberal wing of the Anglican family? - no it isn't. For that, I attend and recommend, Croydon Minster.

Edited at 2011-10-13 09:07 pm (UTC)

I'm just curious how you can square attending a church which preaches that gay marriage and behaviour is wrong, with your stated support of gay performers. Doesn't it bother you?

I have always believed passionately in, campaigned for, and championed gay rights and equality. That will never change.

I am also passionate about All Souls, the quality of its sermons, its services and the support that it provides. I started attending in March and have been back every Sunday since. Their sermons are exceptional and outstanding - don't take my word for it, listen to them online. The Church is friendly and welcoming, and I have made some excellent friends there, people who have stood by me when others have not. I have attended courses there and I can again vouch for the quality of their teaching. I have been to many other Churches in London to try them out and none of them compares with All Souls for me personally.

I have a different view, take and opinion, on homosexuality generally to All Souls. I will never change my view and they will not change theirs. Do you agree 100% with everything your friends say, think and do and likewise every organisation and society you are affiliated with? If you can and do, you are very lucky.

What I will say about All Souls is what I have said from day 1 - the quality of their sermons and Bible teaching is outstanding. That is what I want and need from a Church. I have now officially signed up as a member of their congregation and am proud to have done so. I promote the Church to everyone - as I say, it has added real value and meaning to my life. Not many other organisations can claim as much!

I did listen to one of the sermons, and that was how I confirmed their views on gay behaviour. That view shocks and saddens me.

Nobody agrees 100% with the views of all their friends and organisations. But I could no more belong to a homophobic organisation than I could a racist one. You belong to an anti-gay church and I don't understand how you square that with your love for Hytner, Gatiss and others.

To be amongst evangelicals who believe that gay behaviour is disordered and hell-bound is not a safe place for anybody LGBT. To affiliate yourself with an anti-gay church - in name, financially etc. - is to amplify all the messages of that church.

As I said, I have a different view, opinion and take on homosexuality and gay right to All Souls.

But All Souls is not "homophobic" and to describe it as such is wrong. All Souls welcomes everyone and has gay members amongst its congregation.

Also, my views on homosexuality and gay rights has nothing to do with my admiration and respect for artists and creatives who are gay. That would be very shallow and superficial.

I believe passionality in equality for all and always have done. That belief is founded on respect for human beings and respect for human rights. It has nothing to do with who I admire and respect in the creative arts field.

What I will say about the evangelicals and the Christian community that I am now a part of, is that they are all kind, decent, honest people with integrity, who go out of their way to help others regardless of that person's race, sexuality, age, faith, disability or gender. That is what I am signing up to. How many other individuals and organisations can say the same? Believe me, individuals of that quality are a rare treasure indeed, and now I have found them I am not letting them go!

My position on homosexuality and gay rights remains the same. I will always proactively campaign for and champion gay rights and equality. That is the bottom line and no one will change my views on that issue.

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