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DONATE for PJ's Charity!

Charity name is 'PJ next week's rent and food money'
I need 100Ł for rent and my weekly ticked by next saturday :/ baaaaaaaad isnt it?

In exchange to any donations you get postcards with favourite Sherlock character of YOUR CHOICE! Isn't it grant??????
(im willing to exchange postcards for bookmarks if you prefer them better:D)
Yes it is!

i had more, but Raks took nearly all of them! (mycrofts and sherlocks nearly all!)
quality of photos isnt too good, since i took them with my friends phone


for now only in UK (sorry! if anyone out of UK would be interested PM me, and i will set-up paypal account)
bank account transfer, personal money exchange.

Donations and rewards :D
1 - 5Ł - gets you one postcard
6 - 10Ł - gets you two
11 - 15Ł - gets you three
16 - 20Ł - gets you four
21Ł - and up - gives you proper amount (5, 6, 7, ...) + BOOKMARK :D

any questions? if so, PM and i can give you my mobile or email :)
also, nearly everyday you can come and meet me at House of Fraser in Victoria, and Dickinis&Jones in 1st floor! (next to buy&collect!)

HELP OUT STARVING ARTIST!!! (and love lonely PJ who just wants to be loved :( )
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