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King James Bible, National Theatre

I have been promoting this to all and sundry for ages now. But now is the time to do a feature on it!

The National Theatre will be taking part in the 400th anniversary celebrations for the King James Bible. An ensemble of leading NT actors, directed by Nicholas Hytner, James Dacre and Polly Findlay, will read twelve extracts from the Book that changed the world.

Lyttelton Theatre
From 8 October – 6 November

The 12 extracts are:
In the Beginning - From the Creation of the World to Joseph and his brothers in Egypt.
Let My People Go - Moses and his people escape slavery in Egypt in search of the Promised Land.
The Line of David - The boy David defeats a giant and unifies a kingdom. His son Solomon builds the temple in Jerusalem.
Psalms of David and Song of Solomon - The lyrics that have inspired some of the most evocative and sensual translations in English.
Where Shall Wisdom be Found? - As the world falls apart around them, Ecclesiastes the Preacher and Job seek for meaning in catastrophe.
The People that Walked in Darkness - As Israel faces disaster, Isaiah foretells the future.
The Gospel According to Mark - The earliest gospel – Mark’s – is the shortest and most direct telling of Jesus’s death and resurrection.
The Gospel According to Matthew - The most influential of the gospels in English, Matthew dramatizes the coming of the kingdom of heaven.
The Gospel According to Luke - Luke dwells on some of the most human moments in the life of Jesus.
The Tongues of Men and Angels - The Acts and Letters of Peter and Paul shape the foundation of the Church.
The Gospel According to John - The latest gospel – John's – celebrates the mystery of the incarnation.
Revelation - Written in a time of persecution, the Revelation of John foresees the end of days.

The cast includes Andrew Scott (The Gospel According to John) and Mark Gatiss (The Gospel According to Luke).

It opens tomorrow and I know it is going to be OUTSTANDING! I will be seeing it during its November run and will write about it then.

For further details and to book tickets follow the link:
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