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The Kitchen gets its NT Live tomorrow (Thursday 6 October)

National Theatre Live: Best of British theatre broadcast live to cinemas around the world

The Kitchen will get its NT Live in the UK tomorrow.

Cut and pasted from an email from the National Theatre:

The Kitchen By Arnold Wesker

The National Theatre Live season continues with a live broadcast of the smash hit The Kitchen to cinemas worldwide on Thursday 6 October.

The kitchen of a West End restaurant in 1950s London is the setting for a fast and blackly funny examination of life lived at breakneck speed.

Thrown together by their work, chefs, waitresses and porters from across Europe – English, Irish, German, Jewish – argue and flirt as they race to keep up. Peter, a high-spirited young cook, seems to thrive on the pressure. In between preparing dishes, he manages to strike up an affair with married waitress Monique, the whole time dreaming of a better life. But in the all-consuming clamour of the kitchen, nothing is far from the brink of collapse.

For further information, to find your nearest cinema and to book tickets follow the link:

Raks's take:

This is an interesting one!

I have not yet seen The Kitchen so I have no opinion on it. All I can say is that I saw the set yesterday and it looked amazing!

However, for the first time, I am going to be in the audience in the theatre on Thursday watching the production as they are filming it and broadcasting it live. I have only ever been in the cinema watching the live broadcast from afar. This Thursday I will be in the theatre watching them film and broadcast it live. This will be a very special experience. I cannot wait!
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