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The Indoor Jacobean Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe

Help Shakespeare's Globe raise £7m for their indoor theatre

The Globe are building an indoor Jacobean theatre on their Bankside site. The outer structure already exists. They are raising £7m to build and beautifully decorate the interior, and open the doors in 2013.

"The faithful recreation of the Globe Theatre in 1997 revolutionised people's ideas of what a theatre can, could and should be.

The recreation of an indoor theatre, a simulacrum of the indoor Jacobean theatre which Shakespeare would have known, will have the same effect.

The shell of the theatre has already been built. And our task is now to create an interior, as authentic and surprising as the Globe itself.

With your help, we can realise the full extent of Sam Wanaker's vision to build both playhouses. The next stage in development will help us to uphold and maintain the Globe's position as the leading centre for the study of Shakespeare in performance."

- Dominic Dromgoole, Artistic Director

The indoor theatre will mean a second stage and will allow the Globe Theatre to be open throughout the winter - this would be amazing!

Against their target of £7m they have already raised £2.7m, but they still urgently need help to raise the remainder.

"Year-round performance would be another crucial step in completing the original vision for the Globe. The indoor theatre will be a fantastic space and the logical next step in the story of the Globe site. The outdoor and indoor theatres are two halves of a complete picture.

In all aspects of its work, the Globe has been pioneering. In order for it to continue to be adventurous and dynamic in both its theatre and its educational programmes, Shakespeare's Globe needs your support. ... I do hope that you will join me in supporting the creation of an indoor theatre, a development that marks a bright new chapter in the Globe's story."

- Bruce Carnegie-Brown, Fundraising Chairman

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I love the Globe and am 100% behind this plan to complete work on their indoor theatre. If you do have money, and are looking to use it for Arts patronage, this is one development that I think you should look into!

Shakespeare's Globe are here:

My feature on the Globe is here:
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