Rakshita (Raks) Patel (rakspatel) wrote in mycroft_brolly,
Rakshita (Raks) Patel

What is this community all about? Most popular tags

Time to do an audit of tags to see which are the most popular subjects on this community. The results are in!

1. national theatre — 119 uses
2. benedict cumberbatch — 96 uses
3. sherlock — 61 uses
4. frankenstein — 46 uses
5. mark gatiss — 43 uses

6. big society — 38 uses
politics — 38 uses
8. film — 37 uses
9. bbc — 35 uses
10. theatre — 32 uses
nick hytner — 32 uses

This is what I strongly suspected - this community has become a fansite for the National Theatre!

However, both Benedict and Sherlock are making a strong showing and this will be even more so in the run-up to and launch of Sherlock Series 2.

But basically, this community is founded and built on the very firm foundations of the National Theatre, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock. Hooray!
Tags: benedict cumberbatch, national theatre, sherlock, umbrella
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