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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Personal News - My job at the Home Office
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

Today, I got a letter from the Director of the Crime and Policing Group Finance and Strategy confirming what role I had been matched to within the Crime and Policing Group.

And the excellent news is that I have got the job that I wanted! I have been selected for a senior manager position in the Youth Crime and Public Space Violence Team, in the Violent and Youth Crime Unit.

The Violent and Youth Crime Prevention Unit provides advice to the Home Secretary and other Ministers on all aspects of violent and youth crime. Their responsibilities range all the way from front-line delivery to high level strategy and cover a very wide range of policy issues including domestic violence, gang, gun and knife crime, prostitution, rape, sexual assault, sex offender management, stalking and youth crime prevention.

I start on Monday - party party party - Sherlockian cocktails all round!

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I know - bloody amazing isn't it?!

I was at the National today. You are now officially famous! I have told them you are on the backstage tour, having dinner at the terrace bar, etc. They are over the moon!

They have also agreed to lay on more backstage tours for us if there is a demand and extend their catering hours if people will want food after the production. They are going all out for us - wahay!

Was commenting in the morning before I went to work so didn't have time to talk more.

Firstly, really, congrats on getting a job you wanted. It sounds amazing! Are you still working on that Bill?

Secondly, *blushes* the National Theatre honestly looks like an amazing place and I am really looking forward to it! As for being famous... hahaha *blushes*

They sound absolutely amazing! I would really like to meet the staff at the National now!

I will no longer be working on the Bill.

I will be working on guns, gangs, knives and youth crime - That is what I wanted.

congrass! i didnt knew that you work in that area!
great news!!! \o
Cheers for you! *ups with Sherlock and John cocktails!*

Many congrats on getting the job you wanted. Put on your best sparkly shoes like Benedict's to celebrate! :-)

Damn - I wish I had sparkly shoes - I want I want I want!

I owe you a PM. But LJ is trashed and won't work for me - I will get back to you just as soon as I can = thank you for your patience.

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