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Operation Hope & Recovery - The launch

Something that I am passionate about - STRENGTH IN DIVERSITY. It features in the video I have highlighted below. It is a concept some people in Government understand 100% - they live and breathe it. Others have no clue! (I am not talking about Ministers - they get it!).

Cut and pasted from the Operation Black Vote website:

Over 700 people were in attendance at the launch of the movement on August 19 at Friends House in Euston, London to listen to a number of prominent speakers including Lee Jasper, Simon Woolley, Diane Abbott MP and Bishop Wayne Malcolm amongst others spell out the vision of Operation Hope & Recovery.

Operation Hope & Recovery is a response to the recent riots which have blighted the nation.

Operation Hope & Recovery is a collection of individuals, organisations and churches working together to attempt the largest political empowerment programme this nation has ever seen.

Follow the link to see a short video about the launch:
Tags: big society, london, politics, race
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