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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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Maggie's London Night Hike - Friday 16 September 2011
Raks New Profile Pic Square
rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly

I am doing the Maggie's London Night Hike on Friday 16 September. The Maggie’s London Night Hike is a 10 mile adventure through late night London, with exclusive access to iconic buildings.

I realise many of you have already sponsored me for the Terrence Higgins Walk for Life. That is my first choice charity and I do the Walk for Life every year. So if you already sponsored me for that, do not worry - that was my preferred choice.

However, if you missed the boat then, or if you would like to sponsor me again, now is your chance! Any amount is welcome - I have such a broad and diverse network of colleagues and friends now that even if everyone just gave me £1 or £2 I would be able to raise a substantial amount of money. So please do not think any amount is too small.

Sponsor me here:

Information about Maggie's

Maggie's runs cancer caring centres. Maggie's is about empowering people to live with, through and beyond cancer by bringing together professional help, communities of support and building design to create exceptional centres for cancer care.

What is a Maggie's Centre?

A Maggie’s Centre is a place to turn to for help with any of the problems, small or large, associated with cancer.

Under one roof you can access help with information, benefits advice, psychological support both individually and in groups, courses and stress reducing strategies. You don’t have to make an appointment, or be referred, and everything they offer is free of charge.

It is there for anybody who feels the need for help, which includes those who love and look after someone with cancer, who often feel as frightened and vulnerable as those who actually have the disease.

A Maggie’s Centre will be many things to many people. It is there for anybody to use in the way they want to. There isn’t a one size fits all recipe for how people live with cancer. Everybody needs to find their own way.

Maggie's are here:

Photo: Courtesy Cumberbatchfans
Benedict supported the Maggie's London Night Hike last year.

Given that many members and/or their families (including myself) have personal experience of cancer and/or caring for people with cancer I think that this is an important charity for the com.

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oh god! he is so cute over there!!! =D

and is really cool that he support that!! =)
well.. hope there many people to support too! =*

Benedict always looks adorable!

He is also very giving of his time, both to his fans and to charities and good works.

Speaking to my sister today, I now know that the original Maggie's Centre, opened in 1996, is in fact the one at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh – also where my brother-in-law will have his op on Friday. Good luck with the walk. I'm happy to support this worthy cause. :-)

Love the icon!

I am sending my best wishes and good thoughts all the way up to your brother in law in Edinburgh.

I will need the good luck - I used to be a Rambler - but due to my theatre and film commitments the last time I did a serious walk was back in January!

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