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Goodbye to the Paintframe and Double Feature 1 and 2

Yesterday (Friday) and today (Saturday) I have been watching the closing performances at the Paintframe. In Double Feature 1 and 2 there were four new plays (world premieres). All four were outstanding. I think this is the best collection of new plays I have seen in a long long long (!) time. I decided that after seeing all four for the second time over two consecutive nights I was going to choose my favourite. It was a very very very (!) tough decision but I am going to plump for There is a War by Tom Basden (this was definitely my favourite, although The Swan by DC Moore gave it a very good run for its money!).

There is a War. For me, the play was about the futility of war, and all the stupidity that goes along with it. It focuses on a woman army doctor, and her struggle to do her job and stand up for what is right, in the midst of a civil war raging all around her. As a pacifist, the piece spoke to my heart. I really loved this play - it is one of the best new plays I have seen in a long time and I really connected with it. It is also directly relevant to the main feature I am running today which is 9/11.

These are the links to the three previous times I have talked about the Paintframe:
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