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Last performances at the Paintframe: Saturday 10 September

One of the best things in London theatre at the moment (although I fully admit that I am completely biased!) is the Paintframe at the National Theatre. The Paintframe is the NT's new performance space. On at the Paintframe is Double Feature 1 and Double Feature 2, each contain two new plays (world premieres) by two new writers.

Having seen both Double Feature 1 and Double Feature 2, and having been blown away by both, and also by the Paintframe in general, I think that the Paintframe is one of the most innovative and exciting things going on in London theatre at the moment.

Anyway, the final performances of both Double Feature 1 and 2 are this Saturday (10 September), so if you have not yet got down to the Paintframe this is your last chance!

For the full details and to book tickets follow the link:

These are the links to the two previous times I have talked about the Paintframe:

Forgot to add, that I am putting my money where my mouth is on this one too - I am seeing Double Feature 1 tonight and Double Featute 2 tomorrow night (I have seen both once already but I thought that they were both worth revisiting!).
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