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Rakshita (Raks) Patel

How to fight the gang culture

This is from the letters page of the Evening Standard on Monday 5 September 2011. I could not agree more!

"While sending ex-gang members and surgeons into schools are good ideas, we need to go further to tackle the lack of ambition, employment and self-esteem - and in many cases a combination of family breakdown, educational failure, poverty and addiction too - which drive children into joining gangs. The key thing that seems to effect change is when a young person believes they have a place in the world, and can find a purpose. As someone once said to me, "hopeful kids don't join gangs".

I wonder if David Cameron's "tough love" strategy will include listening to us and investing in measures to address these root causes, or simply be a series of well-intentioned but short-lived knee-jerk reactions."

Patrick Regan, CEO, XLP; author, Fighting Chance
Tags: london, politics
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