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Reviews in for The Tempest, starring Ralph Fiennes

Photo credit: http://www.urban-vacation.com/167/ralph-fiennes-in-shakespeares-the-tempest-showing-at-the-haymarket-theatre-royal-london/

Reviews are now in for The Tempest, starring Ralph Fiennes. Here are the key broadsheet ones:


Those of you who know me, will know that I only ever run reviews from The Telegraph and The Guardian, and that I favour The Telegraph.

On this occasion, The Guardian loved it and The Telegraph hated it. I was torn. I checked The Independent and they loved it.

So the Ayes have it! (Can you see how I have rigged the vote?!).

I have not seen the production yet so I cannot possibly comment but I know Ralph Fiennes is always outstanding live, especially when performing Shakespeare, so I have given you The Guardian and The Independent reviews first, even though in normal circumstances I always prioritise The Telegraph. Yes I am completely and utterly biased - I admit it!
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