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The Mens Room: Developing better men, husbands, fathers and leaders

Cut and pasted from an email from The Mens Room:

A workshop for women - What your man isn't telling you

The Mens Room is hosting a must attend evening workshop where David Murrow, author of Why Men Hate Going to Church and How Women Can Help Men Find God, will be presenting on this hot topic. It is for Women who are married, divorced, single or widowed who would like to enhance their understanding of communication with men. The minimum age is 16.

Dates: Thursday 15th September 2011 London and Sunday 18th September 2011, Birmingham

For more information, please contact Sylburn McLean for London on 07956 982659 or Matthew Ebo for Birmingham on 07762 171916 or email info@themens-room.org.uk.

The Mens Room website is here:
Tags: big society, race, religion
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