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Rakshita (Raks) Patel

Mayor of London: Team London

I have been researching volunteering opportunities in London and I have come across this site which is excellent:


Cut and pasted from the Team London website:

What is Team London?
Team London is the Mayor’s action plan for volunteering, a bridge between London’s greatest needs and the volunteers that help to make London a better place to live. Team London will make the best of these efforts and ensure that individuals and the public, private and voluntary organisations work more effectively together.

To find out more follow the link - I recommend you watch the video which is inspirational:

If you are interested in working with young people, as I am, follow this link:

I will own up now and confess that I did not vote for Boris. However, credit where credit is due, he has impressed me with what he has done since becoming Mayor and this is one of many examples of good work being led by the GLA. Inspirational leadership in action!
Tags: big society, politics
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