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The Umbrella Organisation

The Umbrella Organisation

May the power of the brolly live on!

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OMG - It has arrived!
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rakspatel wrote in mycroft_brolly
The Vesuvius Club audiobook read by Mark Gatiss has arrived! 6 CDs - 6 hrs 37 mins of Mr Gatiss. I am in heaven! My Mark homework is now being prioritised - this is top of the list - move out of the way Mr Cumberbatch!

My promo for it is below:

Mark Gatiss reading The Vesuvius Club complete and unabridged (6 CDs 6 Hrs 37 mins) has suddenly shown up on the BBC Audiogo site (the home of BBC Audiobooks):


From the BBC website:
Lucifer Box is the darling of the Edwardian belle monde: portrait painter, wit, dandy and rake – the guest all hostesses must have. And most do. But few of his connections or conquests know that Lucifer is also His Majesty’s most daring secret agent, and when Britain’s most prominent scientists begin turning up dead, there is only one man his country can turn to. Lucifer Box deduces and seduces his way from his elegant townhouse, Number 9 Downing Street, to the seediest stews of Naples, in search of a secret society; one which may hold the fate of the world in its claw-like hands – the Vesuvius Club.

Get your copy in now!

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I just noticed that the second book in this series The Devil in Amber is being repeated on BBC radio. Episode 1 was last Saturday, but is still on iPlayer:


For anyone else who is interested, BBC radio iPlayer is widely available outside the UK, unlike iPlayer for television.

Episode 2 will be broadcast next weekend 18.00hrs on BBC radio 4 extra, and presumably available on iPlayer afterwards.

I read all three of the Lucifer Box novels last year in a fit of enthusiasm. They are very entertaining! But what could be better than hearing the author read his own work? :-))

Thank you for the info re the second book being on the radio at the moment - I did not know that - I am not a radio person and so I seem to miss out on shedloads!

"What could be better than hearing the author read their own work?".
Exactly - and this is MARK!

No wonder I was so amazed I could listen to BBC radio on iPlayer on several occasions (Cabin Pressure, Graham Norton interview), I wondered for a while whether some IP address misrouting miracle had happened!

hey! it's the book i saw at finsbury! :D

I have an autographed version of the Vesuvius Club. It was the book I got Mark to sign the day I was the last person standing at the stage door! That was the day he signed it to Raks without even asking me my name and I was made up that he actually knew who the hell I was!

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