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99% campaign: Young Londoners Leading Positive Lives

At a time when young people are being demonised, I would like to run positive stories about young people and their achievements and the contributions that they make to society and their communities.

I am starting with the 99% campaign, which is all about young Londoners leading positive lives. 99% of young Londoners do NOT commit serious youth violence.

We are young Londoners, leading positive lives.
We are not negative stereotypes.
We are the 99 per cent.

Cut and pasted from the 99% campaign website:

What is the 99% campaign?

The 99% campaign is a pan-London, youth-led, positive initiative that brings together key public, private and civil society organisations to dispel stereotypes about young people and make London a safer, more inclusive and cohesive place for all.

The project was developed by young Londoners under the auspices of the now defunct London Serious Youth Violence Board. The campaign is now run by the charity, Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS) and with the support of the Core Partners Group.

These are the key recommendations that the campaign is trying to implement. The recommendations are taken from the London Serious Youth Violence Board Final Report (2011).

Involve young people in the decision-making process.
Local and regional partners should continue to find ways to promote the voice of young people as sustainable solutions to serious youth violence are unlikely to emerge unless they reflect the priorities, energy and commitment of local communities, and in particular the voice of the young people who live in those communities. Based on the experience of the London Serious Youth Violence Board and its work with young people, it is recommended that statutory and non-statutory organisations and agencies should commit themselves to establishing, and demonstrating, clearly identifiable and accessible means for young people to directly feedback and influence on issues and decision making that impact on them.

Changing public perceptions of young people.
All partners need to understand that negative stereotyping; in the media in particular, can have a damaging effect on public perceptions but also on young people themselves, so far as limiting aspirations and life chances are concerned. All partners should ensure they promote a proportionate approach, whilst as the same time acknowledging that the vast majority of young people in London contribute actively and constructively to their schools and local communities.

Developing role models.
There shourl be further recognition of the importance of role models, especially those young people who have come from the same areas and backgrounds and have faced and overcome similar challenges to other young people at risk of serious youth violence.

The 99% campaign is a campaign through which the voice of young Londoners’ must be made to reach both general public and policymakers, in order to dispel negative stereotypes, as well as to shape the policies that aim to respond to their problems.

Follow the link to find out more about the campaign and to contact the team, and to see how young Londoners are contributing to the cleanup following the riots:
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