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Interview with Nick Hytner, Director of the National Theatre

This needs no introduction!


What are your personal hopes for the NT over the next ten years, and what do you hope will be your legacy to the National Theatre?

There are so many hopes. I hope that my legacy will be new generations of writers, actors, directors, designers, musicians and audiences, who are all of them confident and all of them committed to the large-scale public events on which we thrive. We are different from other theatres in scale. I think because we're different in scale, honestly, we're different in impact. I think that hunger to work on a large scale, and to experience in a large scale, was abating and I hope that I can bring that back, red-bloodedly. But at the same time as talking about the new generations, I do think of it as my responsibility to maintain what's there and to make sure that the high standards and the excitement that I have inherited from all my predecessors as Director are maintained: that the great actors continue to act here, the great plays continue to get performed here, and performed well. As with all great cultural institutions, it's partly maintenance, partly renewal. I hope that my legacy is, to a certain degree, healthy enough to be maintained, and to a certain degree by the time I leave, outmoded enough to be rebelled against, because I think that has to happen every time.


Look at this:
What books have you most enjoyed recently?
James Shapiro's 1599; Alan Bennett's Untold Stories; David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas; Diarmid McCulloch's Reformation; Meredith Daneman's biography of Margot Fonteyn; Julian Barnes' Arthur and George…

Julian Barnes - Arthur and George - I am onto this!
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