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The Tempest starring Ralph Fiennes, Theatre Royal Haymarket

There is WAY too much good stuff happening in London Theatre at the moment - I cannot keep up!

Photo credit: http://www.urban-vacation.com/167/ralph-fiennes-in-shakespeares-the-tempest-showing-at-the-haymarket-theatre-royal-london/

Belatedly, I would like to wish Ralph Fiennes the best of luck (not that he needs it) as he opens as Prospero in The Tempest (one of my favourite Shakespeare plays). The production opened at the Theatre Royal Haymarket on Saturday (27 August) and runs until 29 October.

Cut and pasted from an email from the Box Office at the Theatre Royal Haymarket:

Trevor Nunn directs William Shakespeare's The Tempest as the third production of his electrifying season at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. Starring Ralph Fiennes as Prospero with Nicholas Lyndhurst as Trinculo.

Almost certainly Shakespeare's last play, The Tempest can lay claim to being the first ever work of magic realism. Marooned and left to die on a remote island, Prospero can command spirits, create apparitions and manipulate the elements. By using his magic, he assembles his enemies to take revenge on them, and in the process awakens in Miranda, his teenage daughter, her first experience of love. The theme of reconciliation gives immense emotional force to Shakespeare's farewell to the stage.

I will be keeping track of this production and will post up reviews of it in due course.
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