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Paintframe, National Theatre

Last night (Saturday) I went back to the Paintframe at the National Theatre to see Double Feature Part 2. The Paintframe is the NT's new performance space.

I saw Nightwatchman by Prasanna Puwanarajah and There is a War by Tom Basden.

Nightwatchman. About a British Asian woman of Sri Lankan heritage on the eve of her debut at Lords, playing for England against Sri Lanka. It explores the British Asian experience in quite a bit of depth. I loved the fact that Abirami (the only actor in the piece) was independent, strong, gutsy, fiesty and a loud mouth. The play particularly focused on her relationship with her father. But other themes were what it means to be Tamil in England and Sri Lanka, terrorism, identity and family. I liked it.

There is a War. This piece blew me away. For me, the play was about the futility of war, and all the stupidity that goes along with it. It focuses on a woman army doctor, and her struggle to do her job and stand up for what is right, in the midst of a civil war raging all around her. As a pacifist, the piece spoke to my heart. I really loved this play - it is one of the best new plays I have seen in a long long time and I really connected with it.

I am now going to stick my neck out and say that having seen both Double Feature 1 and Double Feature 2, and having been blown away by both, and also by the Paintframe in general, that the Paintframe is one of the most innovative and exciting things going on in London theatre at the moment. Get on down there!

For the full details and to book tickets follow the link:

For an insight into my first reaction to the Paintframe and the first half of the Double Feature follow the link:
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