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Bert and Dickie: Matt Smith in Olympics Drama

Matt Smith could not attend the Dr Who preview screening at the BFI today because he was filming for "Bert and Dickie".

Photo credit: http://news.whoviannet.co.uk/2011/08/matt-currently-filming-bert-and-dickie-in-london/

Cut and pasted from The List:

Matt Smith is set to star in a drama about the 1948 London Olympics, portraying gold medal winner Bert Bushnell. Bert Bushnell and his partner Dickie Burnell won gold in the double sculls rowing event. Entitled 'Bert and Dickie', the show will document how two men from very different social backgrounds overcame class struggles to become champions. While Bert left school at just 14 to become an apprentice with an engineering company, his team-mate Dickie was educated at the prestigious Eton school and later Oxford University.

This sounds amazing - I cannot wait - bring it on!

Follow the link for the full story:
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